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Soul Path

Here I am! Wow! How and when did this soul path begin?                                                         8.31.16

I was born and raised in a predominately Italian community.   I was 2nd generation Italian American.  It was really a trip to listen to the adults talk Italian. I never thought anything of it. It was like living in Italy, but not. .    Thought all households spoke Italian.  As kids we didn’t. Who cared? We were running around the countryside having a “kids” life. Our parents were trying to change their immigrant life style. Clueless – we were kids.

My life changed when my parents divorced at the age of 10. All of a sudden I grew up. My childhood was no longer being that of just a child of 10. I moved with my mother into an apartment across the street from the elementary school I attended in the 5th grade. Never knew anything was wrong with the picture. I never saw my parents argue. I was a very happy go lucky little girl who enjoyed her life.
One night my mom and dad were fighting terribly.  They were yelling a lot. My dad was yelling and blurting out harsh statements. Think I blocked them out. I remember being so happy that we were moving, but not, it was without my dad. We lived in a bar. A country beer and wine/grocery store complete with jukebox, pool table, and pinball machine and all the candy, ice cream and soda a kid would want. However, I think I was the only kid at the age of 9 with a bar tab.

My dad and I use to play liar’s dice, gin rummy and Yahtzee; penny a point for a whole six column across the Yahtzee pad. If I wanted that bubblegum, that had comics I desperately wanted in it, I had to pay. Same with snickers, especially since I like to put them in the freezer, Pepsi, with peanuts poured in the bottle. Remember the 50’s coke and Pepsi bottles? What a wonderful life………so I thought.

We would stuff the corners of the pool table so we wouldn’t have to pay another 25 cents to play. Life was grand. We had many swimming pool parties. We had a 20’ x 40’ beautiful swimming pool. In the summertime our cousins and friends would come over to swim and play. We had his and her bathrooms. There was even a Beer Garden complete with jukebox, bar, BBQ pit, tables and a dance floor. We had a great jukebox my dad saved from the bar when the new one came in. He even made a special housing for it so in the winter months it was protected. When the record guy came, he gave us the old 45’s from the jukebox we were currently using. We put all the 45’s we had into the old jukebox in the Beer Garden. Since my brother and I had August birthdays, we were 3 years and 5 days apart; we had big birthday parties with our cousins and friends. It was a blast.

Of course my parents couldn’t have picked the worst time to separate. It was right before Christmas. I don’t remember the exact date, but I do remember we weren’t living together when Christmas came that year. Christmas was very awkward. Nobody came from a divorce family. My brother was 13 and he was old enough, in the courts eyes, to choose which parent he wanted to live with. He chose my dad. Later he said he felt sorry for him. I was to live with my mother.

Before my parents split, I really didn’t know them. I was too busy running around the countryside with friends and cousins to know them. I don’t remember them being affectionate or loving. My dad sat pretty much on a bar stool playing pinochle with other men who hang out at the bar and drank beer. My mother was busy “doing”; everything from cooking, cleaning and running the bar. She was unhappy. Unbeknownst to me until I was in my early 20’s, married and with my first child, she confessed that she never wanted to marry my father. However, according to her, my Nona, her mother, told her, in so many words, that she couldn’t disgrace the family. She accepted the proposal of marriage and she had to go through with the marriage.

While I knew I was somewhat different growing up, I had no idea I would have the gifts that I currently now have helping individuals with their own soul purpose and healings. I knew how to work with energy.  I finally understood myself after I had a professional astrology session in my early 50’s. I have 4 planets in the 12 house. The 12 house is mysticism, mystery, psychic energy, past lives and secretive to name a few. Once having my astrology natal chart read, I started to understand my blue print of life.

So the dance begins.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I believe we all have a story to tell and this was mine. I’m glad it helped you.

      Joy and Blessings,
      Debra Jean

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