If you are here, you are ready…

to lift your consciousness and look into your soul. To rid unwanted energies
and entities from yourself, your home and work environment. To tap into your inner guidance
in powerful new ways.

What is the difference between an Akashic Reading
and Energy Healing and Environmental Clearing?

Akashic Records Reading

Energy Healings

Environmental Clearings


As an Akashic Certified Consultant, I will open your Akashic records and help you to remove Karma, and give you tools to move into your authentic self. I work in your records on issues that are affecting you in this lifetime – personal relationships, work relationships, career, self-love and guidance where you need it to further yourself on your path.

As an Energy Certified Consultant, I will help remove unwanted energy, clear attachments/cords from your Chakras, remove unwanted energy from your Aura and clear entities.

As an Environmental Certified Consultant, I will come to your home or office and clear stuck energies and entities that need to go to their right and proper place. I will close and seal Portals, Dimensional Doors and Vortexes in order to keep out unwanted entities.