“I am truly impressed with Debra Jean’s deft and caring work in the Akashic Records! Together with my Record Keepers, she was able to solve a problem I’ve had most of my life, breaking its hold, rebalancing my chakras, and opening my perception of the cause of the problem. Since that work in my Akashic Records,I have felt a profound sense of peace and stability unlike any I have ever had before. I will definitely suggest her to others for Akashic Record work.”


“It is hard to find a person that you are instantly comfortable with.  Debra Jean is that rare person that you feel you can open up to with your deepest issues, fears and dreams.  She has a warmth and groundedness which is always present in her work.  The information she receives from the Akashic realm is thorough, accurate and practical and her expertise in energy work adds another dimension to her many talents.

Renee S.

Deb is an amazing human and is truly talented at what she does.  I highly recommend her and her services!

Lindsay K.

“It’s hard to put into words the value that Debra Jean provides with her services. She has a true gift that has blessed my life and all those around her. I have had both Akashic readings as well as energy clearings in my home that have gone well beyond the scope of either of these services. The shift that you feel after either of these is invaluable and is much needed with all of the modern stresses we are constantly bombarded with on a day to day basis. I cannot recommend her work enough.”

Sadie R.

Debra Jean is not only a wonderful person with the biggest heart, but she is also an incredibly gifted healer. I have utilized Debra’s services for Akashic readings, energy clearings and home clearings. After every visit with Debra I come away feeling lighter, more at peace and with more knowledge about myself. I highly recommend any and all services she provides.”

Melissa D.

“If you need some help in finding your direction as why you are where you are and are open to some guidance I highly recommend Debra Jean Magnani. I myself live a in a clear mind, that is why I can see if someone comes from that space of clarity. She is a gift and extremely talented in receiving and giving accurate information. If accuracy is important to you, give yourself a gift and see Debra Jean Magnani.”


I went to see Debra Jean in March of 2014.  I felt like my life was lacking direction and I’d been having trouble kind of finding my path in my career and in my life in general.  My spouse worked with Debra Jean and recommended that I go see her for an Akashic reading.  Not really sure of what an Akashic reading really was, I decided to go ahead and give it a try because it certainly wouldn’t do me any harm to try it out and may provide me with some answers to questions I’d been working on in my life.

HOLY COW WAS I SURPRISED!!!  The reading was not only COMPLETELY accurate, it was the springboard that put me on my true life path and gave me the confidence to find new roads in regards to my career, the way I communicated with others and the way I interacted with my family.  It was the equivalent of going to a world in black and white, to a full technicolor view of the world around me.

A year or two later, Debra Jean did some energy clearing for me that resulted in my being able to grow and refine my own gifts and further refined how I communicated with those around me.  Her readings and healings have been invaluable in my life and I’m so grateful for all the assistance she’s given me and all the confidence that grew out of our visits!

Sarah R.

Debra Jean is incredible!!  She truly has a gift and has helped me with energy work, chakra clearings, and Akashic readings at various times in my life.  Her warm and loving energy allows you to be comfortable right off the bat.  I always leave feeling revived, lighter, and more in tune with myself.  I cannot recommend her more highly.  She is a true gem.  Can’t wait for our next session!!


The first thing to know about Deb is how at ease she will make you feel. She is so warm and friendly, you will feel an instant connection. I saw her for a reading and was amazed about how insightful she was and left feeling a lot more grounded and having more direction. Deb has also cleared my work space and home, and both felt much lighter afterwards. If you haven’t tried an Akashic reading, it is definitely worth it with Deb!

Darby B.

It’s difficult to express what Debra gives thru the spiritual culture. She has a tremendous gift to give you clarity of understanding your past, present and what you need to do to for yourself now.
I’ve known her many years and she has helped me grow spiritually and bring peace into my life.
You can’t put your head around this form of reality, you have to take a leap of faith and allow yourself to feel the energy and healing of her wonderful abilities.
This is about the science of energy. Start the process of bringing joy back into your life…

Gary M

Debra Jean is a MAGICAL ANGEL!!!

Wow! What an AMAZING experience I had

I feel as though she has helped clear the path helping me to get closer to Me. The lightness I felt after my clearing/healing was INCREDIBLE! I felt Inner Peace and True freedom .
Debra Jean is a True sparkle of Love and Light!! I am forever Grateful for the time spent with her…

Thank you for sharing your gift with me, Debra!!

Much Love!


Meeting Debra Jean changed my life.

More to the point Debra gave me the keys to unlock to doors of my soul and helped set me on a path to deeper understandings of Self and greater awareness.

By opening my Akashic records with me Debra Jean was able to help me better understand who I am. What I need to achieve happiness and true success on all levels of my life. With her help I was able to resolve open issues and receive answers to questions that had kept me in soul-pain for decades. I was given a much deeper and greater awareness. With that awareness came the desire and ability to begin to heal old wounds from lifetimes past and work towards what I’m here to do.

In just a few hours I gained so much and I feel so incredibly lucky to have worked with Debra Jean! I would recommend her work to anyone who wants to better understand themselves, their relationships and their place in the world.


I have been so lucky to have the benefits of Debra Jean doing Energy work on me! I went in with very little understanding of what this kind of work was. By the time our session was complete, I had learned so much about myself and my relationships! Debra Jean helped me to unlock myself from some of the places where I’ve been stuck – in some cases for many lifetimes.

I feel excited and energized and eager to use what I’ve learned to move myself and my life forward. I would recommend working with Debra Jean to anyone who wants to gain greater understanding of Self and discover new and better ways of moving forward in their lives.

Debra Jean has worked with me doing both simple and in-depth energy work. I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy the benefits of her training and her gifts. Her approach is so relaxed, she immediately puts you at ease and you know that you’re in the hands of someone who is talented and truly cares about enabling you to let go of the negative and move forward in the best way possible.

Energy Clearing

I feel so lucky to have had Debra Jean clear our apartment. We had been living there a couple of months and both my wife and I felt as though our new home had some lingering energies that we didn’t want or need there.  During one recent episode we’d felt negative energy seek us out and my wife had made a great effort to banish the energy/entity but our home didn’t feel like it was completely ours until Debra Jean came to do our clearing.

I love watching Debra Jean do this kind of work! She explains what she’s doing as she does the clearing. Debra Jean is so down to earth and easy going that nothing about the experience seems odd – it’s all very matter of fact and seems quite natural.



Debra has done several akashic readings, energy healing and cleared my office space.  She has a very unique talent.  I am always more confident of my path after working with her.  She has also taught me to ground myself, so that I can keep my energy field pure!!  Her sessions will truly set you free.

Deborah B